We All Love Baklava

Honey, flaky filo dough, and walnuts...need we say more? Baklava (pronounced bock-la-vah) is the quintessential Greek dessert that we join our Taziki’s guests in loving. It’s the ideal ending to a meal but we wouldn’t judge you grab one for lunch or dinner.

Baklava (9).JPG

Many countries claim this decadent dessert as their own original creation. Placing origins aside, Baklava today is made differently in every culture. For example, the country of Jordan makes it with pistachios, Lebanon makes it with an orange blossom and rose water syrup, and Israel typically makes it with cinnamon and orange.

Unique to this dessert, there are what seems to be a hundred light and fluffy layers. It’s handmade in a bakery with real ingredients, one of our favorites is honey. We can put it down in our books as healthy, right?

Our Baklava is an authentically sourced product, made fresh from Hellas Bakery, our partner in fine Greek pastries and specialty desserts. All of their pastries are made fresh daily from only the finest ingredients. Not only are they made in-house, but they are delivered daily.

“Everything we do is about quality at Hellas. Everything is made in-house. We've been making baklava the same way for 100 years now. Pretty soon we will have our fourth generation family members working,” says Nick Karterouliotis, a family member who helps run the bakery. “Taziki's does business in the same fashion so it just makes sense to have two similar partners.”

For us, living the good life equates to balance in everything. We work, have fun, eat salads and baklava. We share moments together over food and know it’s nourishing power to our bodies and our souls. Allow yourself to be present in the moment and fully enjoy that piece of baklava today! Life is too short, don’t skip dessert!