Three Reasons We Don’t Have Fryers

The start of 2018 brought a wave of health goals and high ambitions to achieve a healthy lifestyle. As we get ready to enjoy spending our summer at the pool or at the lakehouse, we are reminded what it takes to be more health-conscience.

At Taziki’s we focus on great food that nourishes the body and sets it up for peak performance because that's how we believe one can #livethegoodlife.

How? No fryers (also no freezers or microwaves). Not only does this allow for us to achieve our standard of providing fresh food but it also provides nutritional benefits.

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Reason #1 - Fryers Often Use Hydrogenated Oils Which Results In High Trans Fat:

The trans fat forms when it undergoes a process called hydrogenation, which occurs when the oils are heated to high temperatures during the cooking process.

It gets worse when the oils are reused, which makes them break down each time, ultimately changing the composition which increases the oil being absorbed into the food. Despite the FDA’s plan to put a ban on trans fat,  this doesn't mean fried foods will become any healthier since the food will still be cooked in unhealthy oils that end up being recycled in the cooking process.

Instead of using fryers, all of our restaurants use flat top grills. 

Instead of using fryers, all of our restaurants use flat top grills. 

The trans fats end up working against the body in many ways by blocking the production of chemicals that combat inflammation and benefit the hormonal and nervous systems.

Our approach is to focus on details that make a lifelong difference in the lives of ours customers, which is why we cook on flat top grills in every restaurant. We don’t use fryers because we’re committed to FRESH food that is intentionally nourishing.

Reason #2 - Eating Fried Food May Increase Risk For Disease:

In a report on ‘Fried Food Consumption and Cardiovascular Health..”, its stated that eating more fried foods is associated with a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Another report on fried-food consumption and the risk of type 2 diabetes conducted two large observational studies which found that the more people ate fried foods, the higher the risk there was for developing heart disease. The statistics showed that consuming 4-6 servings of fried food per week were 39% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes compared to those who were consuming less than one serving per week.

With the increase in calories in fried food, caloric intake can quickly increase as this food is consumed. With a trend in eating more and more fried food, the increase for diabetes rises as well. The higher the intake of all fried foods leads to the higher risk of developing any one of these diseases.

Reason #3 - We Value A Clean Produce-Centered Open Kitchen:

With all of the chemicals that are taken into the body, the ‘normal’ functions suddenly are put on hold to help take care of the digestion process. These negative side effects are the reason we focus everything in our restaurant on the Mediterranean diet. The premise of this diet and lifestyle is to embrace the daily practice of finding a sustainable way of living through food, the mind, and the body.


Though this philosophy makes our menu complex, we value the challenge that’s created by our passion for variety. At Taziki’s, we are obsess over serving food to our guests that not only satisfies our taste buds, but also provides nutritional value that our bodies can benefit from.

The core of our brand is built around making extraordinary food, serving our communities, and creating relationships. We know food is a medium to do that which is why we open our doors at Taziki’s every day. If you have a great healthy food story, please Tweet us @tazikis.