Why I Chose to Eat Taziki's While I was Pregnant

Are pregnancy cravings a real thing? Not sure I would have said yes before I was pregnant myself, but I giggle to think about how much I thought about tomatoes when I was pregnant. Yes, TOMATOES! I guess it’s good I wasn’t thinking about Taziki’s Dark Chocolate Cake 24/7 (although I did partake when the opportunity presented itself). 

I was so excited to tell my husband last September that we were expecting our first baby, due to arrive in June of 2018. And I feel like I had all the cliché pregnancy symptoms, minus morning sickness – thank goodness! That’s why I was so thankful for Taziki’s because I could find filling, healthy options that actually made me excited for my meal. I’ll be the first to say that when you’re pregnant (especially for the first time) you are bombarded with opinions and blog posts that can make you think you are doing everything wrong as a mother. One thing that always made sense was to be mindful of what you are putting in your body. 

It was difficult to have the energy to get to the gym, but it was 100 times easier when I was eating nutritious, full-bodied meals that were fresh-made. When I was too tired to make something for my husband and me for dinner I would pick up a Dinner for 4. When I needed a healthy snack I would opt for the hummus served gluten-free. And like I mentioned, everything had extra tomatoes. Like an absurd amount of tomatoes. Through the many trips to Taziki’s I was even reacquainted with my first Taziki’s love – Signature Pasta. 


Now that my precious Ellie is here, I look forward to the day that she gets to experience Taziki’s many amazing kid options. Even as an adult I’ll order the Turkey Melt – it’s delicious! And when I look back at the 9 months of sweetness that I got to be pregnant with my baby girl – I’m thankful that I chose to “treat” myself with food that my doctor would approve of… a win-win for sure! I encourage my fellow ladies – mommas or not – to take a look at Taziki’s Nutritional Facts to see how they stand up against many other restaurants. 

About Anna:

Anna Duffy and her little family live in Dallas, Texas. She has been an avid lover of Taziki’s since someone brought her to the Colonnade location on her first week of college in 2009. She is excited to see how the brand has grown since that first meal and she’s thankful for two locations in Dallas!