New Whipped Feta at Taziki’s

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For nearly 20 years, you’ve been telling us how much you love our Signature Hummus with soft and baked pita (or gluten free with veggies, we can’t forget you!). And we know better than to mess up a good thing. But choices are also a good thing and we felt like hummus needed a partner in crime. After being inspired by the use of feta in the Mediterranean, we knew it would be perfect for the job. Turns out, we were right. Our creamy, savory, Signature Whipped Feta is not only the most crave-worthy item on our menu, it’s available at all your favorite Taziki’s locations and we’re proud to make it with fresh, authentic Mediterranean ingredients. Drop the mic!



We’ve realized you love this stuff as much as we do. And it’s hard to walk away without consuming every single bite (and pita slice). The recipe is simple, just fresh feta, cream cheese, a little mayo, spices and honey -- plus a sprinkle of parsley to finish. We won’t judge you if you lick the plate.


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