Dan Simpson: Podcast Feature

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Taziki’s CEO, Dan Simpson, was recently interviewed on a podcast, Let’s Give a Damn, with Nick Laparra. Hear about Dan’s personal career journey and how his core passion to help and love others well led him to Taziki’s. Hear how Taziki’s is passionate about providing jobs, creating authentic community, and providing fresh ingredients to guests. 


Fresh Ingredients: At Taziki’s, we focus on the farmers behind our food. To provide fresh and clean ingredients for customers, it begins with a solid supply chain.

Fostering Community: Everyone is so busy and distracted in today’s culture that the best moments tend to occur when we slow down and sit across the table with someone while enjoying a delicious meal. 

The HOPE Project: Taziki’s is extremely passionate about employing people with special needs. Through The HOPE Project, Taziki’s creates a program where local schools or organizations learn to grow herbs for our locations to purchase. 

Hiring: Outside of The HOPE Project, Taziki’s aims to make an impact on everyone that is hired. 

Want to hear more? Take a listen here