A Note from the CEO


Time around the table means so many different things for all of us. For me and my family, our favorite time spent around the table is when our kids open up and share their highs and lows from their day at school: a math test ended in victory, a Spanish class introduced some new words that are fun to say, or even that a peer was a bully, and we get to coach our kids on how to best respond. 

Time around the table is every birthday we celebrate, like my son who just turned 16. His party started with an all-night consumption of pizza and movies with friends, followed by family members joining for brunch, and later birthday cake followed by an impromptu dance party (of course!) 


Time around the table can look like the football game after church when we crowd the couch and swarm over shareable snacks in our team colors with passionate outbursts when we score or are dealt the blow of an ill-timed penalty. Time around the table is when our dinner club gathers to stretch our culinary abilities by tackling new ethnic recipes with flavors from a faraway land. We learn about new cultures and traditions and bucket-list destinations that we dream about someday visiting.

Time around the table is also when my wife and I get to escape for a date over a glass of wine, some appetizers, and conversation that is a tapestry of a romantic reconnection and schedule planning, without interruption. 

Table 4 (1).jpeg

Time around the table is the quick lunch break with one of our co-workers. We move through small talk about our families, hobbies, ambitions, and end up slipping back into talking about work. As the weather begins to change and we look ahead to the months of Autumn, it’s hard not to think about the historic gatherings of Thanksgiving and all the food that will be prepared and memories made. This season, whether you are with one person or a huge gathering, stop to look across the table and be present and grateful.

At Taziki’s our mission is to create an environment (at our table and yours) that combines extraordinary food and meaningful human connection. Gathering around the table reminds us that we are meant to live in community with others and that we are blessed to cheer each other with a raised-glass toast, a candid conversation, a last-second touchdown celebration, and yes, even an impromptu after-dinner dance party! Cheers to the official start of gratitude season!