A Family Business


In honor of National Family Week, we are taking time to reflect on our founding story and the important core pieces of how Taziki’s came to be the big family it is today. In 1997, our story began when our founder Keith Richards, and his wife Amy vacationed to Greece. They discovered small-table Mediterranean cafes where everyone in the community gathered together to connect around healthy flavors and celebrate life. They enjoyed the food, but also observed a deeper kind of warmth and connection that moved them to say - “That’s what I want to spend the rest of my life doing.” That special husband and wife team started the Taziki’s family, and today many of our locations are owned and operated by incredible husband and wife family duos. Now, these duos carry out the inspired mission to #livethegoodlife by inviting you to pull a chair up to their table and enjoy a fresh Mediterranean meal, free from the noise of the world. Read below to see why some of our operators love their family business. 

Jamie and Isaac Riddle.jpeg

Memphis, TN: Isaac and Jamie Riddle 

“What a blessing it is to be doing what you love with your best friend! We love that we can set goals, work towards them and achieve them together. We have learned to be teammates and balance out each other’s strengths and weaknesses.” - Jamie Riddle


Cincinnati, Ohio: Matthew and Allyson Warren

We love working together and have been working together in some capacity for nearly 15 years! We also love knowing that we can positively contribute to our community through Taziki's. Being able to serve healthy, flavorful and nutritious food to our guests is very fulfilling. The community partnerships that we have developed with area schools and businesses allows us to make a positive impact through our food as well. Seeing our community embrace Taziki's has been very rewarding and we are now optimistic for future connections and opportunities as we continue to be a part of seeing our community develop and grow!” - Allyson Warren

Arkansas: Jake and Stephanie Keet 

“One of the great joys in my life is working with my family and my sweet bride. I am in Operations and she is in Marketing so it is fun to feed off of one another when we talk shop at home. It makes work more enjoyable for us both.” - Jake Keet

Jake and Stephanie Keet.jpeg