A Note from The CEO

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Summer is finally here! It’s officially the end of the school year for kids, and the beginning of hot days, getaways, and grilling out on the weekends with family and friends. This time of year is nostalgic for me because when I was a kid, my siblings and I spent our summer mornings weeding our vegetable garden, and helping around the house. After that, we would hop on our bikes (complete with baseball cards fixed to the back tires so it sounded like a motorcycle) down to the nearest lake to cool off. Our evenings were filled with making pies and enjoying board games. These days, many of you will find your way to the beach to return sun-kissed and well-read. Others will escape to the cooler elevation of the mountains and enjoy some hikes and bikes. Wherever this summer takes you, find time to enjoy a meal with your loved ones.

What are your favorite summer dishes? How about watermelon on a hot afternoon? Strawberry rhubarb pie? Or ribs on the grill? At Taziki's we've been cooking up a balanced menu of marinated Chicken and Beef Kebobs, grilled to perfection alongside our current Limited Time Offer, The Quinoa Bowl!

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This dish is healthy, refreshing and jam-packed with protein. Order on the Taziki's app and skip the line, or we'll even bring it out to your car, curbside. Don’t forget to schedule your catering for your next family get together. Either way, we welcome you to enjoy Taziki's as part of your summer traditions! We look forward to sharing all the stories and Instagram-worthy moments that summer has to offer.

From the entire Taziki’s team to you, have a safe and fun rest of your summer!

With Gratitude,

Dan Simpson
CEO, Taziki’s Mediterranean Café