Restaurants With Integrated and Optimized Technology

Dan Simpson Primary Headshot.JPG

Taziki’s CEO, Dan Simpson was interviewed for a feature in Food and Beverage Technology Review. Simpson shares some insights about technology in the restaurant industry! 


It has been 72 years since the disruption of the drive-thru, thanks to Red’s Giant Hamburg. It’s been 25 years since online pizza delivery hit the web, courtesy of Pizza Hut. Grubhub introduced an early online aggregator to the marketplace 15 years ago. It’s been 10 years since Square jumped into the credit card processing that led to a disruptive Point of Sale tablet, and it’s only been five years since UberEats made the convenience of delivery from nearly every restaurant a staple of society. Yes, a lot has happened, but it still seems that the restaurant industry is still playing catch up and still has a long way to go to achieve a fully integrated and optimized tech ecosystem. That said, there are some exciting enhancements head to recognize and observe. 

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