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So what is Eudaimonia? The Greeks use the word to describe human flourishing or living the good life. To me, it’s also the feeling you get in your heart when you’ve made someone happy, or provided hospitality without expecting anything in return. 

We live out Eudaimonia through our brand values at Taziki’s. My favorite value is Connection, because it symbolizes the way we treat our families and friends. Whether opening the door for our first guest of the day or delivering every Signature Pasta, eager to share something with them that makes them excited to devour, there are many ways to express Connection in our world. To me Eudaimonia expands our Taziki’s family through special employees with special abilities, because getting the opportunity to work (and work with them) is a blessing. 

Why do we do these things? It’s what we should do, and it is what makes our community a better place. Eudaimonia, to me, is helping others flourish through nourishment and togetherness -- and we hope that feeling lingers, so just maybe others will do the same.