Taziki’s is Closing the Disability Employment Gap

Taziki’s CEO, Dan Simpson, was featured in a podcast with Andrian Swinscoe on how Taziki’s is aiming to close the disability employment gap through our signature charity, The HOPE Project. He touches on steps being taken to enrich the customer experience and so much more! 


HOPE students working with FFA shelby county high school 2.JPG

Eudaimonia: Hear what Eudaimonia means, how Taziki’s brings this concept to life, and is improving customer experiences through hope and joy. 

Convenience: Learn how convenience has quickly become a top priority for customers above quality, and even price. 

Fresh Ingredients: Hear how Taziki’s aims to provide fresh, local ingredients to all of their customers by partnering with Cul2vate farms.

Employment: Learn more about what it would look like if every restaurant hired an employee with disabilities. Only 35% of people with disabilities are employed.

Want to dive deeper and hear more? Check it out here!