Dedicated to Exceptional Teamwork.

At Taziki's, who we hire matters just as much as what we serve.  We look for big-hearted foodies who are caring and engaging with our guests.  It's important that you love people and sincerely care about the community.  We look for people who pay attention to the details, and who are teachable and disciplined to learn and follow the Tazikis' way.  Making food from scratch every day requires both passion and urgency - and while it’s not important that you have restaurant experience, you need to be up for the challenge.  We look for people who take responsibility for their role while also having mutual respect for everyone on the team.  When everyone is trained and cross-trained, there’s a special choreography that allows us to collaborate in remarkable ways.  And in all things, we try to maintain a growth mindset and improve every day to create a truly fresh experience.  This is who we are.  If this sounds like a family you want to be a part of, we’re always looking for good people. 

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