Catering FAQ’s

+ Does every Taziki’s offer catering?

Taziki’s locations that have been open for a year or longer offer catering. To find about more about catering services at your local Taziki’s click here.

+ Does Taziki’s honor my tax exemption status?

Absolutely! Just notify the person taking your catering order to ensure that this is executed properly during order taking process.

+ What is the minimum number of guests I need for my order to be considered catering?

Our catering menu is based on 10+ guests. However, if you would like to order multiple items off our dine-in menu, you can contact your local Taziki’s or place an order online.

+ How far in advance should I place my catering order?

We recommend 24 hours in advance to ensure that we can accommodate all of your needs. However, if you are in need of an impromptu catering solution you can always give us a call.

+ Do you offer paper supplies and serving utensils?

We do offer paper supplies and cutlery on any catering order. Just let us know if you are in need of these items during the order taking process.

+ What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, checks, or cash.

+ Does Taziki’s offer event staff or bartenders for larger scale events?

We would be delighted to help you with your next large event. Connect with your local Taziki’s contact to discuss adding these services to your event.

+ Online Catering: Does every Taziki’s offer online ordering for catering?

Online ordering for catering is available in select markets. To find about more about catering services at your local Taziki’s click here.

+ Online Catering: How can I modify my order after it has been placed?

Please contact the Taziki’s location listed at the bottom of your receipt for any changes after ordering.

+ Online Catering: Is tax exemption honored for online orders?

At this time, this feature is not available. Please place your order through your local Taziki’s representative.

+ Online Catering: Is everything offered on your online catering menu?

Most locations offer a limited menu on the online catering, which allows us to meet your impromptu catering needs must faster. For more robust offerings, visit your local Taziki’s page here.