A Commitment To Quality 

Authentic Imported Ingredients • American Family Farmers • Locally-Sourced Produce

Creating amazing food doesn't start in our kitchens. It starts with the dedicated farmers who work hard every day to procure the meat, produce, dairy and grains we use. We've made sourcing our food one of our highest priorities, because we understand that the quality of these products directly impacts your dining experience.  

Our standards are high, and we have worked hard to find farmers and producers whose values align with our own. This includes using grass fed beef, humanely raised lamb, and high-quality imported ingredients from Greece. 

Taziki's Quality Ingredients

Authentic Imported Ingredients 

There are certain ingredients that simply can't be reproduced, certain things that aren't as good when grown anywhere other than their place of origin. Being a Greek restaurant, Taziki's refuses to settle for mediocre olive oil; and our rice has to be just right. That's why we work with a select group of international producers to import products from the mediterranean in an effort to ensure a traditional and authentic dining experince. 


Olives - Greece 

There's not much more Greek than olives! That's why we work to import all our olives directly from the sunny fields of Greece. There's no mistaking the real flavor of Greek olives. 

Taziki's Imported Olive Oil

Olive Oil - Greece

Few people would realize how much location can impact the flavor of olive oil. But we do - and we know it's worth the effort to import all of our olive oil (and it's quite a lot!) all the way from Greece. 

Taziki's Authentic Mediterranean Food

Red Peppers - Greece 

We did not have to go all the way to Greece to find our roasted red peppers, but we thought it was worth the effort. But every time you try our Spicy Pimento Cheese, Greek Salad or Mediterranean Salad, you'll see why we did. 

roasted greek red peppers

Basmati Rice - Turkey 

Our Basmati Rice is imported from Turkey. Basmati is gluten-free and low in fat. It contains all eight essential amino acids, folic acid, and is very low in sodium and has no cholesterol. Basmati has a low to medium glycemic index, meaning that energy is released at a slower, steadier rate leading to a more balanced level of energy.

Authentic Mediterranean Food

Lemon Juice - Greece 

The coastlines of Greece are peppered with lemon groves. But the warm sun and coastal breezes are only part of what makes Greek lemons special. They're picked straight from a tree that has been left to grow naturally with no pesticides or fertilizers. It's the precious juice from these lemons that makes its way into so many of the signature items you'll find on our menu - from our Hummus to Taziki Dip. 

Taziki's Traditional Mediterranean Food

Homegrown American Farmers 

Working with American producers, especially small and medium-sized family-owned farms, is something that Taziki's is very passionate about. Over the years, we have built a strong relationships with these valued producers who all have gone through our extensive vetting process. This ensures that we are always serving the highest quality, American made products available.


Beef - Iowa

We believe that creating excellent food requires the best ingredients, so all of our beef is grass-fed and free of antibiotics. We source our beef from farmers in Iowa who are able to meet our extremely strict quality standards.  

Taziki's Grass Fed Beef

Feta Cheese and Greek Yogurt - Wisconsin

We source both feta cheese and Greek yogurt from a fourth generation, family-owned business, founded in 1925. Made from milk collected from a network of 75 small family dairy farms, their award-winning products are made with traditional Greek methods.

American Made Feta and Greek Yogurt

Lamb - Michigan 

We source our lamb from central Michigan family-owned farms that have been raising lamb for five generations. The sheep graze on the open fields and they grow their own corn for the feed for the lambs.

Taziki's Family Farms

Local Flavors With a Cause 

While it is not always possible for us to secure all of our food locally, we are committed to finding as many opportunities to work with local producers as possible – especially those with a strong social mission. Below are just a couple of the local producers we are working with in some of our markets. 



Cul2Vate, based in Nashville, TN, is a farm and organization that works to provide access to fresh, local produce to both the food impoverished and local restaurants. They work hard to provide jobs for those in need, food for those who don't have it and ingredients for restaurants with a desire to support local farms. 

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Cul2Vate | Local Produce Partner of Taziki's Cafe
Taziki's Hope Project

HOPE Project 

The HOPE Project (Herbs Offering Personal Enrichment) is an organization that helps to educate and provide jobs for special needs individuals by teaching them how to grow herbs for restaurants. A number of Taziki's locations participate in this initiative, several of which have in-store herb gardens tended to by HOPE employees. 

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