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Mon-Sat: 11am-9pm
Sunday: 11am-8pm

Our first of seven locations in Atlanta, this restaurant opened in 2012, positioned right off 285 and the Glenridge Connector. Stop by for our delicious food, meet the staff, and come back as a member of our family. Our connection to our community includes our involvement with The Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research, partnering with the surrounding schools and churches, and our continued support for the Sandy Springs Education Force and Drake House. Lunchtime in the restaurant is a great way to explore our variety of original recipe sandwiches, such as the Turkey Club Ciabatta. And our Take-Home Dinner for Four meals are the best option for a busy night with no time to cook, or for a picnic at Chastain Park Amphitheatre or Heritage Sandy Springs Park.


Our Community 

Engaging our Community

At Taziki's we strongly believe that community is key. We've made becoming part of our community a high priority, and we're always looking for exciting and meaningful ways to further our involvement. This location supports local schools and select charities in addition to our nationwide initiatives - including the HOPE project. A few years ago, we launched a new initiative with a focus on providing jobs for students with developmental differences. The HOPE Project trains these students to grow the herbs that we use in our restaurants. Through this amazing program, we've been able to provide a sense of independence and fulfillment to an important part of our community that is often overlooked. 





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